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Learn more about the Windows 365 Cloud PC experience from our workshop!

Our Microsoft Discover: Windows 365 workshop demonstrated how organizations can leverage new productivity scenarios in hybrid work models.

We thank organizations like AMGEN, EM Recuperar Portugal, Governo Regional da Madeira, Município de Cuba and Sata, for joining us to find out more this modern work tool.

Together, they went through the challenges organizations might face when transforming their work models and the workplace, and understood how Windows 365 can help them overcome.

Daniel Nascimento, our Modern Workplace & Security Consultant who delivered the session, also presented Cloud PCs, an innovative solution that combines the power and security of the cloud with the familiarity of the Windows operating system.

With a unique set of capabilities, the new Windows 365 Cloud PC experience facilitates hybrid work models where employees are both on-site and distributed across the globe. It’s:

  • Versatile, familiar and productive by delivering users their personalized content, settings, and applications

  • Simple to deploy and manage from a single console, easy for anyone to use

  • Secure by design, leaving no data on the device

  • Available on any device and optimized for the best experience on a Windows PC at a predictable price

  • And lastly, it’s scalable and resilient to support changing workforce needs and new business scenarios

At the end of the session, there was a Q&A open to all attendees to voice their questions and doubts.

We can help you participate in a workshop like this, facilitate one in your organization or even support you to leverage your hybrid workplace. Contact us at

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